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In the footsteps of Max Frisch

Three city walks

Set off on a journey of discovery with the FRISCH app!

Are you interested in Max Frisch and his hometown Zurich? The city in which he spent his formative years as a child and as a teenager, where he worked as a young architect and playwright, the city in which he lived as an established author and to which he felt a strong solidarity throughout his life?

Guided by this app, you will discover the various stages of Max Frisch’s life on three walks through Zurich. You will find out lots of fascinating facts about Max Frisch and his life. You will see where he was born, the schools and universities he attended, the cafés and restaurants he frequented with friends and guests and where he celebrated the worldwide success of his plays, and much more.

This smartphone app includes:

  • three walks through various quarters of the city of Zurich
  • 21 audio stations providing information about the life and work of Max Frisch
  • audio tour lasting approx. 40 minutes
  • approx. 68 images
  • GPS tracking of your location
  • free download

Available in the Appstore for iPhones and Google Play Store:

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If your internet connection is slow, you might experience a longer waiting period while listening to the Audio guide, due to the download of the files from the internet.

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